The Holocaust

​Did you know that powerful Jews and Jewish groups claimed that 6,000,000 were being exterminated over 10 years before Hitler even came to power.

Read the link below for information about the Holocaust. It includes articles, videos, books. You will not see any of this evidence in the mainstream media.

The topics covered include:

  • Why is it a criminal offence to question the Holocaust

  • What about other Holocausts

  • The Myth of the 6,000,000 figure

  • Video: 10 Newspapers showing 6 million figure

  • How Many Really Died

  • The International Red Cross Report

  • World Almanac Figures

  • Video: 5 Facts refuting the Holocaust

  • Death Camps or Work Camps

  • Video: Pastor Steven Anderson gives a good summary of the deaths in the camps

  • The Alleged Death Camps

  • American Doctor who Liberated Camps reveals No Gassings

  • Ann Franks Diary

  • Witness statements state no gassings

  • Video: David Cole (Jewish) touring Auschwitz

  • Scientific Tests suggest no Gassings

  • Video: Prison system engineer Fred Leuchter stating that no gassings could have taken place

  • The Holocaust is Big Business for the Jews

  • World War 2 Leaders don't even mention the word 'Gas Chambers', 'Six Million' or genocide of the Jews' in their books?

  • Enigma Code reveals No Gassings

  • Alleged Eye Witness Accounts

  • What happens to innocent people who dare question the Holocaust? The Zundel Trial

  • Video: Historian David Irving Debunks the Holocaust

  • Germans Transfer Jews to Palestine - The Haavara Agreement

  • Video: Europa the Last Battle - Part 8 - The Holocaust

  • Video: The Holocaust - Shifting The Blame - Part 1

  • Video: The Holocaust - Shifting The Blame - Part 2

  • 39 Questions about the Holocaust

  • More Videos and links to articles and Free books